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"Stunning" - Cycle Magazine

"Extraordinary" - Men's Fitness Magazine

"Combines the best elements of a travelogue, a practical guide, and a coffee-table book" -

"You'll struggle not to be captivated" -





My new book, Escape by Bike, is out now with Thames & Hudson. Find out more here.




Video: Un-Lost: An exhibition by Camille McMillan

The image asks the viewer to form their own version of events in their mind, forcing them to look harder, drawing them into the frame, and with that, the journey of the race itself.

Cities are often good at keeping secrets. There are few open spaces, big skies, or empty roads to betray them, which means new experiences are always waiting to be discovered down a forgotten side-alley or retired thoroughfare.

It’s mid-September, and the morning hums of late summer in the mountains: the air is just on the pleasant side of fresh, while a slow-rising sun paints deep orange hues onto the cliff faces high above.